Josh Hurwitz

Josh Hurwitz

Josh Hurwitz, Starting WR

Nationally Ranked Wesleyan Football (2013)

Earned MVP honors of for Team West in the WMASS vs CMASS 2011 “Chowder Bowl”.

Josh shows exactly what hard work can do.  As a freshman he was 145 lbs.  After 3 years of solid training he now is 190 lbs.  The key though is his #’s.

Power Clean 85×3 Then………….260×3 NOW

Vertical Jump  ~29 Then………….~36” NOW

40 yd dash     4.9 Then…………..4.55  NOW

“I started training with Jon at Powerhouse four years ago the summer going into my junior year of high school.  I weighed 145 pounds with very little strength.  My max hang clean was about 85lbs, bench was 95lbs, and squat was also about 95lbs.  Now my hang clean is 315lbs for 4 reps, bench 315 for 2 reps, and back squat 365 for 3 reps at a body weight of 203.  It is one thing to be able to increase strength when you are a beginner, but after consistently lifting with Jon for four years 4 days a week you are bound to hit plateaus.  As recently as this summer Jon was able to increase my hang clean by 35+ pounds, my bench by 30+ pounds, and my squat by 50 pounds.  He personally makes all of his programs specifically for each athlete’s needs, which shows in the results.  The point of strength increases is to increase athleticism through improving their explosiveness.  Although I added a significant amount of body weight, my speed, quickness, and jumping improved greatly.  He understands the importance of lifting coupled with plyometric exercises in a work out.  I started with a 40 yard dash time of a 4.8, a 5-10-5 time of 4.4, a vertical of just over 30 inches, and a standing broad jump of about 9 feet.  Currently my 40 time is a 4.55, my 5-10-5 is 4.1, my vertical is 37 and a half, and my broad jump is 10 feet 4 inches.  Jon has played a huge role in my strength and athletic ability and I highly recommend him to any athlete who is looking to maximize their potential in whatever sport they may play.” – Josh Hurwitz

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