Isan Diaz

Isan Diaz

Isan Diaz taken 70th overall (2nd round 2014 MLB draft)

On June 6th, 2014 Isan Diaz became one of the highest drafted High School position players to come out of Western Massachusetts.  Diaz was selected with the 70th overall pick (round 2) by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Diaz made some huge improvements working out at Powerhouse Training prior to the start of this 2014 high school season.  He added close to 10 lbs of muscle and increased his bat speed from the mid 80’s to the low 90’s.  His draft stock continued to climb throughout the season as scouts noticed the improvements he made to his game.  Diaz went from being ranked the 98th best high school prospect to #55, before finally being selected as the 70th overall player taken in the draft (the 34th high school player taken).

Here is the scouting report from Perfect Game:

“Isan Diaz is a 2014 SS/2B with a 6-0 180 lb. frame from Springfield, MA who attends Springfield Central HS. Solid athletic build, good present strength, looks stronger than last observed. Left handed hitter, big pull back load, flows into contact, timing can be impacted but approach develops big bat speed, explosive hands at contact, loose and fluid swing with lift and extension out front, has pull side power, owned mid-level pitching in every at bat and made hit look easy, advanced hitter with tools and feel. 7.22 runner, middle infield actions, stays balanced and works through the ball, plays under control and lows the game down, compact quick release, second base profile and tools. Can be a high level offensive second baseman. Signed with Vanderbilt.”

Here is a look at the huge improvements Isan made in the off-season

Broad Jump:            8‘            8’8”            +8”

10yd sprint:            1.79        1.73            -.06

10-20 split:             1.18        1.13            -.05

20 yd sprint:           2.98        2.86            -.12

5/10/5 agility:         4.56        4.38            -.18 

Bat Speed:               86.4        91.2  

For Diaz, the journey and the body of work began long before this past season though.   His father Raul started training Isan at age 4.  He trained year round, which can be tricky in New England.  Without access to indoor facilities Isan made the most of what was around him.  Empty parking lots or basketball courts served as a spot to take ground balls with his father during the frigid winter months.  Rather then take time off in the off-season like most players Diaz continued to develop and perfect his baseball skills and make gains when other players were out playing other sports.  Spending the past year in the weight room was the final piece of the puzzle for Diaz.  Scouts took notice immediately to the increase in size and strength he gained in the off-season.  His numbers looked like something out of a video game for the 2014 high school season.

In 20 games he batted .509 with a .632 on base percentage,  .930 slugging percentage, 4 homeruns to go with 19 walks, while scoring 30 runs in those 20 games!

Isan serves as a great example of what can be accomplished when talent meets hard work. The countless hours Isan spent fielding ground balls and practicing his swing with his father has finally paid off.  Most players are too busy making excuses (too cold, too busy, too tired) to do what’s necessary to succeed.   Isan kept pushing forward and with his strong work ethic look for him to continue to make a name for himself at the professional level!

The staff and community at Powerhouse wishes him continued success in his journey to the top of the baseball world!

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